Pomonal Speed Safe Initiative (2018/2019)

Community Engagement, Concept & Design Development

Pomonal, a small town nestled against the north-east face of the Grampians in the Ararat Rural City Council. A town with a passionate and compassionate community dedicated to the beautiful lifestyle and environment the area offers.

Of recent years the town has faced a conflict of purpose between the passers-by and the locals with driver speeds consistently exceeding the speed limits at all times of the day and week, putting at risk and endangering the most vulnerable in our community – the pedestrians & the children.

The safety and wellbeing of the community became the focus of the project and communicating the stories of people and place were used to improve driver awareness of the township. Identifying opportunities for connections, strengthening relationships through the town and reinforcing the artistic narrative that is Pomonal will continue to be reinforced for years to come.



Kaniva Cultural & Tourism Precinct, Kaniva (2015/2017)

Community Engagement, Master Planning, Concept, Design Development & Documentation

Kaniva, a town located 25km east of the South Australian border with Victoria on the Western Highway sought to develop their existing Flora and Fauna Park into a Cultural and Tourism Precinct. Focused on improving the livability of the remote farming community and township whilst supporting the local tourism opportunities.

The project focused on developing the existing facilities to be universally accessible and engaging, providing a range of opportunities for visitors including a nature play area, parrot flight, native forest fruits, improved walkability throughout the site and many opportunities for social gathering.

Community/ public domain & open space

(lead designer while at Jeavons Landscape Architects)

The Verj, Natimuk (2013/2014)

Community Engagement, Concept, Design Development & Documentation

Natimuk township rests in the broadacre cropping plains adjacent Mt Arapiles and is home to a community of generational farmers, young families, retirees, artisans and rock climbers. An eclectic and diverse town dedicated to preserving their lifestyle and environment through their highly successful Farmers Market and Nati Frinj Festival.

The opportunity existed to help provide the canvas to facilitate a ‘coming together’ of the various community groups in an area that embraces the history, culture, environment, art and future of the town and its context.

Through detailed engagement and intensive partnership with artisans (of which there were many follow link a vision for a gathering space with communal party tables, shade, wood fired pizza oven, artistic sculptures, interactive murals, playful social activities, seating, controlled vehicle access, planting and performative spaces emerged.

The Verj has continued to be a well loved and well used environment by the community and its many visitors.


Community/ public domain & open space

(lead designer while at Jeavons Landscape Architects)

community public domain & open space other projects

Horsham Rural City Council – Wimmera River Nature Park (CD 2019)

Ararat City Council– Pomonal Speed Safe Initiative (CD, MP & DD 2018/2019)

Horsham Rural City Council – Laneways Horsham (CD 2019)

Horsham Rural City Council – Dimboola Rd Entrance Sculpture (CD 2018)

Horsham Rural City Council – Adventure/Apex Island Horsham (MP & CD 2017-2019)

Horsham Rural City Council – Dudley Cornell (CD 2018-2019)

West Wimmera Shire Council-Kaniva Cultural & Tourism Precinct, Kaniva (CE,MP,CD, DD & DOC 2015/2017)

Warrnambool City Council – Crawley St East Reserve (CD & DOC 2016/2017)

Horsham Rural City Council – Sunnyside Park (CD 2017)

Horsham Rural City Council – The Verj Natimuk (CE,CD, DD & DOC 2013/2014)

Hindmarsh Shire Council – Dimboola Caravan Park (MP 2013)

South Gippsland Shire – Coal Creek Community Park (CD 2007)

Wodonga City Council – Southside Terraces (CD & DOC 2007)

City of Greater Shepparton – Victoria Park Lake Feasibility Study for regional playspace site analysis (2002)

Maroondah City Council – Quambee Reserve (MP 2001)

Latrobe Valley Community Environment Garden (MP 2001)


CE= Community Engagement

CD = Concept Design

MP = Master Plan

DD = Design Development

Doc= Documentation